History of M&W Computer Services

M&W Computer Services was founded in 1994 by Gary Melander and George Woodham and was incorporated in 1996 in the state of Virginia.  At the beginning, we concentrated on refurbishing computer monitors and PCs for resale in a two-fold effort to provide affordable computers and prevent these items from improper disposal.  We soon added PC repair and network installation to our list of services.

In the late 1990's, the cost of computer systems and especially cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitors was considerably higher than it is today.  We purchased non-working CRT monitors by the hundreds, repaired them, and then sold them at a profit. Companies were happy to get some residual return from their non-working monitors, our customers were happy to buy a used/refurbished monitor at a fraction of what new monitors cost, and we were happy to provide that service.

The economics of computer monitors and other PC equipment is considerably different today.  This equipment has become very inexpensive to purchase new and has made their repair, especially in the case of monitors, cost prohibitive.  Adding to this the sleek new design of the flat panel monitors, we find many companies and individuals abandoning the old CRT monitors in favor of these new flat panels.  So where do all the CRTs go?

While we still do return a small percentage of CRT monitors to the resale market, more and more of them are destined for the landfill.  In an effort to slow down this disposal process, we have formed alliances with companies that are able to recycle the materials (glass, plastics, and metals) that make up these monitors.  Unfortunately, the cost to do this exceeds the value of the components.  For this reason, we have instituted a fee schedule to perform this recycling service.

M&W Computer Services is a home-based businesslocated in Virginia Beach, VA.  Although we occasionally do sell new computers and computer components, our emphasis is on service.  Recycling is just one aspect of the many services we provide.

So, why spend money to recycle?

From the inception of M&W Computer Services, we've promoted the concept of keeping computers in service for as long as possible.  We've preferred repairing, upgrading, and rebuilding to simply replacing.  Understanding that computers do become outdated and unsuitable for their users, we still try to avoid the filling up of our landfills with electronic junk.

Many computers that are no longer valuable to their current owners become good candidates for repair and upgrade for sale to individuals who can't afford to buy a brand new computer.  Those computers that are beyond economical repair can be broken down into their component parts and sorted for distribution to recyclers of metals, plastics, glass, and other elements.

Of course, none of this can be accomplished without cost.  This is why there are fees involved in the recycling of computers and electronics.  So, why not just throw the stuff in the trash?  Many people do just that - but many municipalities are beginning to refuse many items, including computer monitors and televisions.  For a relatively small fee, we can all do our part to slow down the parade of obsolete electronics to our landfills.

Some people are concerned that if they recycle an older computer, that personal data from their hard drive will end up in someone else's posession.  It's true that we test components for reusability in refurbished computers so that we can make these computers and components available to people with limited financial means.  But, we do take precautions to ensure personal data is not resold with the drives.  Each drive is completely erased and reformatted before remarketing.  In fact, we also offer a service to copy desired files from your hard drive to a CDR prior to erasing the hard drive.